Sustainability and Environment

We respect our environment

Respecting our Environment

We need to protect the environment in order to improve the wellness and health of our world. Accordingly, we have agreed to operate our business in such a way that helps enhance and preserve our natural environment. As the manufacturer of nutrition and health products, Evernate is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and implementing sustainability initiatives, such as using biodegradable or recyclable packaging, sustainable ingredients sourcing, and green facilities.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

We understand that carbon footprint is one of the major impacts of many businesses, especially those that include manufacturing and transportation of goods. At Evernate, we are committed to offsetting our carbon footprint using the third-party certified carbon offsetters in a very transparent way. Our major carbon emission comes from transportation of raw materials to our facilities, the electricity we use, and transportation of the final products to customer warehouses.

sustainable sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing

To make our products eco-friendly, our research and science teams constantly look for ways to get their hands on sustainable sources of raw material. They constantly look for reasonably priced high quality sustainably sourced raw material to keep our top-quality products competitive.