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D-mannose is a kind of sugar related to glucose, that cleanse the urinary tract and maintain a healthy bladder lining. It’s metabolized only in small amounts, with excess amounts rapidly excreted in urine, so it won’t interfere with healthy blood sugar regulation.


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  3 capsules per serving / For 30 days of use

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USAGE – D-mannose is often touted as a natural way to treat and prevent a urinary tract infection (UTI) or bladder infection (cystitis).
WHY D-MANNOSE – Since treatment for frequent UTIs is long-term low-dose antibiotic use (six months or longer), having a non-antibiotic treatment for this type of infection would help prevent antibiotic resistance, and D-mannose has fewer side effects compared to the antibiotic.
BENEFITS – Taking regular D-mannose promotes normal urinary tract function by cleansing and maintaining the health of the bladder lining.
HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Sourced from High-Quality Ingredients ; Non-GMO; Gluten Free; Dairy Free; Nut Free; Egg Free; Soy Free; No Additives & Preservatives, and No Synthetic Dye & Colors.
MADE IN THE USA – Our supplement is proudly manufactured in the USA; 100% satisfaction guaranteed with Third-Party and GMP certificates.

How to use

take three tablets daily with water.

Supplement Facts

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7 reviews for D-Mannose

  1. Paul S. Harmon

    Serious life saver!

  2. Arthur L. Mosley

    My only solution to chronic UTI’s

  3. Frank A. Allard

    It works!!!

  4. Andre K. Wilkinson

    The connection between Chronic UTIs and High Blood Pressure

  5. Charles C. Lewis

    Miracle for those with Chronic UTIs

  6. Brian J. Terrell

    Finally pain free

  7. John E. Lawrence

    Relieved discomfort but ultimately I had to do the antibiotics to get rid of the bladder infection

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