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We provide you MCT supplement with Whey Protein which is a powerful source of keto fuel and helps to promote weight loss.


100% Unflavored       High MCT       Low Sodium       Weight Management       Packaged by Weight not Volume       Dissolves quickly       No clumps after Dissolving       Stirs easily       Easy to Digest

  1 Scoop (11 g) per serving / For 41 days of use

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MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES – MCTs are a type of dietary fat which aren’t digested and absorbed in the same way as normal dietary fats, instead they are processed in the liver, used by your body and turned into energy very quickly, rather than stored as fat in your body.
KETO DIET – The ketogenic diet is a very low carb, high fat diet. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.
CAPRYLIC ACID (C8) & CAPRIC ACID (C10) – C8 & C10 are two main types of fatty acids found in coconut oil which get converted to energy immediately.
MCT BENEFITS – MCT oil is a good energy source, reduces lactate buildup & use fat for energy, and promotes weight loss.
UNFLAVORED & EASILY DISSOLVABLE – 100% Unflavored; Easily dissolves; No Clumps & Trace after Dissolving; Keto & Paleo-Friendly; Easy to digest.
HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS – Sourced from High-Quality Ingredients; With Whey Protein; Non-GMO; Gluten Free; Soy Free; Egg Free; Fish Free; Yeast Free; Wheat Free; No Additives & Preservatives.
MADE IN THE USA – Our supplement is proudly manufactured in the USA; 100% satisfaction guaranteed with Third-Party and GMP certificates.

How to use

Take 1 scoop daily. Mix into coffee/tea, shakes/smoothies, yogurt/smoothie bowls, or even add to keto diet recipes.

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9 reviews for MCT

  1. Ruth B. Sprouse

    Low protein – this is mainly MCT – but it isn’t vegan

  2. Brian L. Maloy

    Not crazy about the taste

  3. Nickie M. Miller

    Very light and fine powder, blends easily and well

  4. Dave L. Vosburgh

    This has become a good addition to my morning coffee. MCT oil, or medium chain triglycerides are “healthy fats” that rev up your metabolism and actually cause your body to burn more calories. It also gives a burst of energy. This MCT powder also has whey protein which adds an additional 2 grams of protein. It has 80 calories and 7 grams of fat per 2 TBSP serving. Personally I could do without the protein and have this powder be a higher concentration of MCT oil. 2 grams of protein isn’t really doing much for me in my morning coffee. The powder is very fine and blends well in hot drinks. It also doesn’t add any flavor or taste to your drink which is nice.

  5. Sheldon C. Pritchett

    I primary quaff Vegetarian protein shakes and have switched to a lacto-ovo (egg whites only) diet, but sometimes I need a bit of fat and MCTs. This is a nice little punch to add to the 2-3 shakes/day I drink and adds a nice little richness to them. I didn’t think I would like this (and I was trying to see how they would fit as a drink themselves), but I find it works best when ADDED to a fairly clean shake.

  6. Heidi L. Howlett

    Worked great in coffee, blends easily, slight burn, 4 months to

  7. Jerry A. Craft

    High In Fat, Low in Protein, Okay Flavor

  8. Brandy B. Gammage

    I follow the keto way of eating and put this in my morning coffee and it keeps me going all morning with a burst of cleaner energy so I can get things done. It’s great. 4 stars.

  9. Margaret J. Hall

    This like all the Evernate products lives up to their reputation. It delivers the protein and MCT. It dissolves quickly in coffee and has an aggreable taste.

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