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We provide you Melatonin supplement;  it’s often called the “sleep hormone,” as high levels can help you fall asleep. It simply lets your body know that it’s nighttime so you can relax and fall asleep easier.


100% drug-free Melatonin sleep supplement       Fast Dissolve Tablets

  1 Tablet per serving / For 2 months of use

MELATONIN – Melatonin is a hormone that your body makes naturally. It’s produced by the pineal gland in the brain, but it’s also found in other areas, such as the eyes, bone marrow, and gut.
ENOUGH SLEEP & IMMUNE SYSTEM – Sleep enhances immune defense and a lack of it can affect the immune system; Studies have shown how people who don’t get enough sleep have a higher risk of illness, and it can also impact the time it takes for the body to recover
BENEFITS OF ENOUGH SLEEP – Researches have shown the importance of sleep in strengthening your immune system, improving mental sharpness, maintaining balanced moods and so much more; Our Melatonin is a solution for occasional sleeplessness
FIGHTING AGAINST MELATONIN DEFICIENCIES – Changes in routine, season time changes, and screen-time before bed are some of the many things that can interrupt melatonin production and throw us off cycle. Melatonin supplements can help.
MADE IN THE USA – Our Melatonin is proudly manufactured in the USA; 100% satisfaction guaranteed with Third-Party and GMP certificates.

How to use

Take one tablet with water before Bedtime. Consult your Physician before use.

Supplement Facts

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7 reviews for Melatonin

  1. Adam K. Campbell

    Great results at a great price

  2. Rogelio A. Lee

    Falling asleep for me is easy. Staying asleep . . .not so much. This time release formula keeps me sleeping and I wake up refreshed. Great product.

  3. Elizabeth T. Carter

    Works fast and continues to work.

  4. Edwin P. Terry

    melatonin is one of the fastest to start working. It has been one of the only ones to help me STAY asleep as well as fall asleep quickly.

  5. John G. Thomas

    Slow release

  6. Harry B. Goldstein

    No es constante el sueño

  7. Sarah H. Rascoe

    All good!

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