Our Story

North American Made

Born in Canada, Evernate is a trusted name in the dietary and nutritional supplement landscape. We have established a robust market presence not just in our home country, but across the United States as well, proudly making our mark as a North American brand.

Carefully Formulated

We are committed to creating superior products through careful formulation. Our unique approach involves close collaboration with our conscientious manufacturing partners in Canada and the U.S, ensuring the highest level of quality control and product efficacy.

Quality Ingredients

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Evernate. We source only premium ingredients from fertile soils of Canada, the U.S., and Brazil, ensuring each product we create lives up to our stringent quality standards. Our facilities are FDA-registered, and as proud members of the Natural Products Association, we adhere to the industry's best practices.

Science Backed

Innovation and science are key drivers of our growth. Our recent research and development efforts are geared towards minerals, vitamins, and supplements that promote general wellness, beauty, and longevity. We prioritize organic and natural products, constantly striving to meet the growing demand in the health-conscious market.

Third Party Tested

To further ensure the safety and efficacy of our products, we go above and beyond by participating in third-party testing. Our commitment to transparency and reliability extends to every ingredient we source and every product we produce.

Evernate is more than just a company; it's a community devoted to enhancing the wellbeing of our customers. We believe in the power of quality supplements to improve quality of life. Welcome to Evernate – where integrity, quality, and innovation intersect.